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A collection of essays by Dr. Suzette Grillot

Life is short so...

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I recently experienced a period of upheaval, transition and growth that inspired me to reflect upon and write about my life’s joys and trials. I hope that by sharing my story, you’ll be inspired to share yours. I truly believe that when we all speak out about our experiences and our passions, we help to build a more empathetic, and interesting, world.  

About me

I’m a professor of international studies at The University of Oklahoma by day (and some nights and weekends). I’ve been living, learning and lecturing on and around college and university campuses for more than 30 years – and on most days, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.


I served as the Dean of the College of International Studies at The University of Oklahoma and helped create international studies centers in Italy, Brazil and Mexico. I’ve conducted research and taught courses in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2003, I received a Fulbright Scholar grant to teach international relations in the Republic of Macedonia. 


For me, a career in academia is a calling. But I’m also a mother, a daughter, a world traveler and a podcaster. My personal passions drive my work both in education and in the community.  


As an entrepreneur, I cofounded The Third Space, a community-building and coworking space; Equity Brewing Co., a women-owned and operated brewery bringing equity to craft beer; AMPLIFY: The Voice of The Third Spaceand Global EDvisors an organization to support institutions sending students abroad. I started Time’s Up Higher Ed, a resource for information on sexual misconduct in higher ed, and cofounded proFmagazine, a publication for feminists in higher ed, to help others share their voice and advocate for equity and change.


Learn more about me on my website

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